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Rank: Lieutenant, Junior Grade

McGUIRE, Valorie

RANK: Lieutenant, Junior Grade
POSITION: Assistant Chief Science Officer
GENDER: Female
RACE: Human
AGE: 26
BIRTHPLACE: London, Earth
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Height: 175 cm (5' 9")
Weight: 65 kg (143 lbs)
Hair: Brown with a hint of red. Usually worn in a ponytail.
Eyes: Green
Features: None
Mother: Anne Sears
Father: Edward McGuire
Siblings: None
Spouse: None
Children: None
Pets: None

Primary Education: Zewa University, Melbourne, Earth
Secondary Education: Starfleet Reserves Academy, Starfleet Science Academy
Majors: Planetary Geology
Languages: Federation Standard

Beliefs If you are not willing to focus 110% on your work, then you have chosen the wrong job.
Goals & Ambitions To one day be widely recognized as a great scientist
Dislikes People not seeing her true capabilities and people not committing themselves to the tasks.
Religion None. Believes science to hold the ultimate truth.
Psychological Profile Valorie is kind and friendly. She is very interested in her work, therefore it can seem that her research is her only interest and that she keeps to herself. However, that is not true. Valorie enjoys the company of others when there is time for that, but she is also very focused on her work. She knows she is a good scientist, but is also eager to make other understand that.
Hobbies Hiking and reading
Other Information Val is very much able to take care of herself. Her experience working in the field in primitive and sometimes dangerous conditions has taught her that. She dislikes when people act as if she needs protection or help. She has a need to prove her abilities to other people, to make them see that she is not only an excellent scientist but also a strong person. In a science related work situation, she is confident and knows that she is good at what she does.

2354 Valorie is born in London, Earth. Her mother, Anne, is holding a teaching position at the university. Her father, Edward is a Starfleet Marine. They met and got married the year before, when Ed's unit had just rotated back to Earth for further training.
2355Ed's unit is scheduled to rotate back out on a mission. Having his new family, Ed looks for other options and receives an offer he accepts from the SpecOps section of the Marine Corps.
2356Valorie's father is already bored of family life and leaves Anne and Val to head out on missions. Anne is left to raise Valorie alone. Ed only stops by when he happens to be on Earth.
2360Ed returns to Earth and he and Anne finalizes the divorce.
Valorie enters the schooling system.
2368Much to her mother's dismay, Valorie is taking more interest in sports and other activities than the more important school subjects. Valorie explains that she sees no use for the knowledge, therefore she is not interested. During the next years, Anne pushes Valorie to study harder.
2369Anne arranges for Valorie to go along on a short research expedition during the summer break. The new experience gets Valorie interested in fieldwork as it combines knowledge with practical work.
2371Valorie graduates. She is considered very intelligent and bright by her teachers. Unfortunately, her average grades do not reflect that.
2372Still unsure what she wants to do in life, Valorie applies to and is accepted to the Geology program at Zewa University in Melbourne, Earth - a university well known for its Science Department. Finding out that she enjoys science, she puts in more effort and manages to receive very good grades in the classes taken.
2374As she progresses into the classes, she begins to focus more on planetary scale geology, such as Environmental geology.
Unhappy with the thought of mostly theoretical desk jobs with just occasional fieldwork in the university and research world, Valorie decides to join the Starfleet ROTC program, as this would allow her to serve in Starfleet with greater possibility of hands work in the field.
2375Valorie graduates from the university with good grades, her final thesis is titled "Planetary structure and evolution of Kentin IV". The university offers her to continue her research, part time, while she enrolls in the Starfleet Reserves Academy Program. She accepts.
2376Val enters Starfleet Academy. She goes through basic training without problems, she enjoys the clear structure and the leadership education.
2377Valorie meets with her father and even though she does not fully understand his reasons for leaving his family, she forgives him and continues to stay in contact with him.
As Valorie completes the basic Starfleet Reserves Academy program, she continues on to Starfleet Science Academy to receive further training in the more specific Starfleet requirements for a science officer.
2378Valorie finally graduates as a Starfleet Officer with the rank of Ensign. She is placed with the Federation Geological Research Committee's research program, allowing her to continue her own research on various locations. She gets to work a lot on large-scale environmental issues.
2379Valorie is promoted to Lieutenant, Junior Grade and assigned to the Starfleet Terraforming Program. She is placed at the Anog'rahk Colony where she works with environmental research. Several of her articles and research papers gets published by respected journals.
2380Assigned to the USS Wyvern as Science Officer


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