RANK: Lieutenant
POSITION: Medical Specialist
GENDER: Female
RACE: Human
AGE: 31
BIRTHPLACE: New Berlin, Moon ("Luna")
Physical Description
Height: 165 cm (5' 5")
Weight: 56 kg (125 lbs)
Hair: Dark Brown. Slightly wavy and kept short.
Eyes: Dark Green
Skin: Barely Tan
Features None

Mother: Avongara Visola
Father: Jayvyn Visola
Siblings (sisters): Lolovivi, Gavivi
Siblings (brothers): Davu, Mablevi
Spouse: None
Children: None
Pets: Two Chinchillas, Juju and Xola

Primary Education: Morathi Middle School, New Berlin, Moon. Karasi High School, New Berlin, Moon.
Secondary Education: Starfleet Medical Academy, San Francisco, Earth
Majors: Xenobiology, Microbiology
Minors: Biochemistry
Languages: Federation Standard

Beliefs There is no such thing as "individual accomplishment." Everything we do is built on and supported by the work of others.
Goals & Ambitions Find a compatible partner. Keep everyone on-board in good health, and try not to get too excited if a new disease strikes the crew.
Likes Anything with strawberries, small non-hostile fuzzy creatures, family connections.
Dislikes Arrogent people, not having the right knowledge to repair something (or someone).
Religion Agnostic
Psychological Profile Sesen tends to be outspoken with her ideas, but still considers others' opinions. She prefers to work in teams, and experiences some distress if forced to work or be alone for extended periods of time.
Hobbies Caring for her pets, learning about new organisms, playing the cello, Mok'bara.
Other Information None at this time.

2349 Born to Avongara & Jayvyn Visola at New Berlin city hospital, on the Moon. Her parents had agreed to take turns choosing names for their children. It was Avongara's turn, and she chose the name "Sesen." The name (like all of the family names) is derived from an ancient African language, and means, "To wish for more." As Sesen grows, she is taught to cherish all life and be open to all ideas.
2366 Sesen joins Starfleet Medical Academy and begins her studies.
2370 Sesen graduates from the Academy. Dr. Kilsan requests that she be assigned to assist him in his research at Starfleet Medical on the Terellian Death Syndrome.
2373 Every available hand at Starfleet Medical is mobilized to deal with the casualties from the Sector 001 battle. Sesen gets her first good look at the effects of war and is badly shaken.
2373 With the Dominion war pressing close, Sesen is assigned to the USS Expedition near the war zone.
2374 After pulling some familial strings, Sesen is transfered to the USS Solarr, a Nova class research ship studying infectious diseases from the Viega system. She excells at the research and is a strong encouragement for the team.
2377 The USS Solarr's research mission is completed. Sesen is assigned to the USS Montgomery as a nurse. Without the fears of war around her, she relaxes and learns to relate to her patients as a whole and not as an injury to be treated.
2380 Sesen is promoted to Lieutenant and is transfered to the USS Wyvern as a Medical Specialist.

Medical Information
Allergies: None currently identified by Starfleet Medical
Major Injuries: 2367 The index finger on her left hand was removed in an exoscalpel accident. It was reattached without any difficulty.
Disabilites: None
Current Medical Status: Active and healthy.

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